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Brandon Bowes


We live close by and have three daughters and a Lagotta. We love summer, and as a family, one of our favourite things is to go to the beach and ride the waves. We love the outdoors, jet skiing and picnicking with friends and family. Travelling is also essential as it lets us relax and spend quality time together.

We would love to host you and help you explore the fantastic Peel region, Mandurah - under-rated Western Australia.

During your stay in Falcon, Mandurah

We are happy to help out at any time. We aim to help make your holiday as enjoyable as possible, and you can be contacted anytime for assistance. 

I am only a phone call away!

If you have any questions or concerns, please ask or let me know while you are there and allow me to answer/address them. It's always a bit of a surprise when mentioned in the review, and we are unaware of your concerns.

Great place to stay in Mandurah.

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